Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pentecost +3 Sunday - C2

Pentecost +3 Sunday - C2

Years C
Psalm 5:1-8 or Psalm 32

Contrasted with greed's consequence of trouble - an abundance of steadfast love. Between these realities we are birthed, live, and die, and live again to die into life.

We see the consequences of greed in acts of destruction small and large. We distance ourselves from such by looking for a hiding place from which we might glimpse the destruction of others and, at the same time, avoid a common lot.

It is a bit much to follow the advice that the practice of magical prayer and confession will keep all wild things at bay. Better to simply acknowledge that we are in this together and give thanks for all that has been and will yet be.

= = = = = = =

rocks and hard places
devils and deep blue seas
remind us
duality is alive and well
in our hyperbolic responses
to everyday life

running between the poles
wears us out
long before any event
in such wise as to remind
we did it to ourselves

standing firm
when all is blowing about
is not situational disregard
but learned counsel
steadfast love remains
through and after a winnowing

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