Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Genesis 12:1-9

Lent 2 – Year A

Genesis 12:1-9

We all journey by stages (no, not the wild-west kind). We are uprooted (poisoned) and settled (healed) and pray a next round will find us in a better place.

In sci-fi terms, we pollute where we are. This pollution is psychic, spiritual, physical, violent, etc. Eventually the whole planet is filled with our offal and it is time to take off for a new promised land.

It is this reality that is found in the middle-of-the-night. We resist and resist the need to change that we might be born anew where we are. Eventually, though, this new birth is put off so long that we destroy our host in the birthing process, we will never be able to go home again.

At this point we need to get off the dialogic impasse of being born again or from above and all that it symbolizes to different experience bases. The only choice open is death promising new choices or healing requiring repentance where we are.

Always we are looking for the healing available in death and the death that is needed for healing. When we are able to hold these two together, we find resurrection - a healing, a new birth, a reincarnation.

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