Friday, February 01, 2008

o it is so very good

Epiphany 4 – Year A
Epiphany Last - Transfiguration

o it is so very good
we are here
to validate the goodness
created before us

it is so very good
we are so capable
of interpreting
the signs of the times

we can see
what is meaningful
and what is not
we'll take care of it

one and all
figuring out
a best memorial

going along
honoring the honorable
dismissing others
we're good at this

so here is what we will
do for god
for our investment
for our self

a temple for you
and you
and you
_ _ _ _ _ _

3 temples
4 lines
what to do

perhaps if it be your will
we could build a fourth
that would be just big enough
to hold the three

what a grand plan
we have come up with
quite doable
. . . . .

and this has to do with
belovedness how
listen again
and again

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