Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Psalm 121

Lent 2 – Year A

Psalm 121

If the mountain to which we raise our eyes for help is that of Transfiguration, our help is found in the depth of Creation (Behold, it is very good) and Blessing (Belovedness) from above.

It is this sense of a warmed heart that is the source of our experience of being preserved, kept, guarded beyond simple survival. Our being safe from evil is not a removal of difficulty or death, but a participation in the testing that reveals maturation, forgiveness, love, resurrection and being born again (realized or immanent reincarnation).

Now for a story or two of coming to this point of affirmation in the midst of whatever dark night remains around you. What might you tell?

Here is a piece of music I like. The tide will soon be turning my way because the river's flowing north in my backyard. It flows from a mountain in everlasting light. It is this sense of turning, of water flowing from mountains, that gives hope. Listen to the accompaniment as well as the words. Jackie - click on the song Jackie when you get to the webpage (if you have the time, check out the rest of the songs, particularly Blue Parade for its imagery of the Mississippi flowing by, a blue parade).

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