Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Genesis 45:1-28

Pentecost +14 – Year A

Genesis 45:1-28

We should note what went before we get to this particular wonderful end of a story when twice or thrice it is noted that G*D had sent Joseph ahead without telling anyone that G*D was doing so. All is well that ends well? Or is G*D just quick at taking a bit of extra credit?

Before, there was betrayal of Joseph and by Joseph: trickery by the brothers of Tickster Jacob Israel and by Joseph of the brothers. This is the equivalent of remaining silent and blurting out nasty stuff – quite the precedent for Jesus.

While a typical focus is on the purpose of G*D bringing everything around right, we might this week focus on the learning of Joseph – "Don't quarrel along life's way."

Quarreling delays healing and reconciliation, neither of which benefit from postponement.

Is there a quarrel going on in your life that will take your not prolonging it by playing one more round of gottcha? Is there a quarrel you observe that takes your bringing Joseph's insight to bear that it might end, here and now?

Let's go see the result of a healing and reconciliation and bring that word back where it might encourage others to finally risk doing what it takes to participate in it, not as a choice, but simply as a right thing to do.

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