Thursday, August 21, 2008

Romans 12:1-8

Pentecost +15 – Year A

Romans 12:1-8

Function is a difficult matter in a setting where expectations run high. Here we are called to think locally in order to act globally.

If we try to monitor that which is beyond us (with the best of intentions to make it run more smoothly) we lose functionality.

If we let another care for that which is usually ours (it is easier to just get along with strong-willed people rather than standing up for what is ours) we lose functionality.

This is a family systems issue – to know our boundary, our call, our gift.

So, here’s the deal, we grow up by settling down to the maturity of being who we are, simply who we are. The way to function well is to function well.

In so doing we find our self, we find one another, we find G*D.

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