Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exodus 16:2-15

Pentecost +19 – Year A

Exodus 16:2-15

Where two or three are agreed, ask! See what happens when a whole company asks!

Apparently the half-life of blessings is just a tad longer than that of plagues.

All too soon we forget. It will only take folks 6 days to forget what to do on the 7th. After a plague is released we seem to immediately return to what was our normal and reverse any learning that had gone on.

Yet, big lie memes seems to catch so quickly and last forever. What is a thoughtful person to do?

Following is a comment I made a year and a half ago on "mercy", that can easily be translated as "manna" (and aren't we still wondering what mercy is). Are two or three of us crying out for mercy or have we left it in G*D's hands, forgetting our imaging responsibilities?

"We cry out for mercy. When asked about a consequence of receiving same it is so easy to start bargaining, talking about works that one will do in response. You give me mercy and I'll do whatever you say. Give me mercy and I'll hedge myself round with the law so I will never have to ask for mercy again.

"The more difficult route is to receive mercy and humbly ask for more. This presumes that there is not a static juridical balance point for blind justice. Receiving mercy is to live boldly again, not to hide away in respectability. Receiving mercy is to pass mercy on, not handy one-liner proverbs or aphorisms. Receiving mercy is to see one's secret heart, to know creation is good, and to experience the spirit of the law. Yes, to be law-observant or dutiful is a minor virtue. To live mercy is the better part of virtue.

"On this last point check out the whole Charles Wesley Hymn based on Psalm 116 or hear a shortened version with music at CyberHymnal."

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