Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Psalm 149

Pentecost +17 – Year A

Psalm 149

It is all the Lord's doing! Whether or not two or three agree and use Jesus' name to seal their agreement, kings will be fettered and decreed judgment executed.

The Lord's exultation of the humble is not only the Lord's glory, but a glory we can bask in. We are just so grateful that we were blessed to see it happen and give witness back to the Lord about how great the Lord is!

To move away from such subversive thoughts, let us return to the Gospel lesson for the day. In this light, we might paraphrase the psalmist:

Praise the two or three agreed in Jesus' name! Sing to them a new song, let their assembly rejoice G*D.

Let the Church be glad in its prophets; let the Alumni of the Church rejoice in these models.

Let G*D dance and sing and make melody, let angels get their wings, in the presence of listening and agreement.

For the Church takes pleasure in Jesus' modeling of "yes", making healthy mediators through remembrance.

Let G*D exult and sing for joy, everywhere.

Let high praise of the prophets be quick to G*D awareness and a listening ear open to cries of injustice,

to be quick to forgive and continue saving even the untrustworthy and cruel,

binding King Fear and Queen Shame,

to bring a steadfast love proclaimed from afar and ago. This is glory that is glory. Praise where it is due.

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