Monday, September 15, 2008

Matthew 20:1-6

Pentecost +19 – Year A

Matthew 20:1-6

The Presence of G*D is generosity expressed to a fault.

More could be said; a multitude of stories told to exemplify this intentionality that runs from creation to eternity.

But more can't be said and one more story won't make it any more or less true.

Our response seems to be less an image of G*D than anti-G*D. Given half a chance our envy and stinginess comes to the fore. We try to hard to control the blessings by focusing on our work and diligently attempt to deflect rejection by limiting G*D's options. In each and both cases we want not only our own, but to have our own be the most.

It would seem that a better response to generosity is humility. A simple thank-you to be able to witness generosity applied liberally prepares us to participate in being generous for no reason at all. Any other response keeps us from learning and re-learning and expanding our learning of this key quality of life.

For those in the American political scene, take a step back from the negative ads and ask some questions about generosity of heart. Perhaps "your heart will tell you as my heart has told me" that at this point the Republican presidential candidates have more to learn than the Democratic. May they both grow more generous with the last, lone, least and move away from those whose outsize expectations lobby for restrictions on generosity for the benefit of societies first privileged.

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