Tuesday, June 02, 2009

John 3:1-17

Pentecost +1 (Trinity) – Year B

John 3:1-17

Can G*D be revealed except by the intention of said G*D?

Can G*D be accidental?

Consider these questions in light of your own life and see whether or not the add value to you or whether you consider yourself diminished because of their presence.

For the moment we will simply take it as an opening praise or set-up to an intended sharper question to come. Stipulated: Jesus, you are somehow tapping into G*D to be able to do what you have done.

Let's start there, says Jesus. You've glimpsed some surprising actions/responses going on that don't fit in your current picture. To address these we will need to shift perspectives – seen from above there are no boundaries like the ones you perceive while measuring yourself against the past or one another. From above we are also able to consider a future that surprises – like when you finally get one of those Magic Eye things. (Didn't you just know Jesus would know about stereoscopic free-viewing.)

There is usually more available to us than we have yet caught. One of the constant surprises is how universal Love is – how it moves away from suspicion and condemnation toward larger pictures from above – wholeness/perfection/salvation.

In this model a reductionist approach to arrive at a trinity is once again enlarged to some variation of panentheist holism.

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