Monday, June 15, 2009

Mark 4:35-41

Pentecost +3 – Year B

Mark 4:35-41

Let’s see, Jesus only related to folks through parable (from last week’s pericope). So when Jesus says, “Let’s go across to the other side,” we are in Parableland. As Jesus emulators/rememberers we are to see and hear in parable. Our difficulty is in being consistent with this approach to life.

The disciples, famous for missing the boat, take Jesus aboard as he was. The presumption was that Jesus was being literal this time and so they hopped to and hopped Jesus right on in. Thinking they were on the right tack several boats leave the shore and head across the lake/sea.

Sure enough, along comes a stormy storm to nearly swamp them. Is this storm a parable of the other side? A little thought experiment would have sufficed. They were in a relatively good spot, things were going swimmingly. The other side from where they were is stormy and on the other side of the storm is Peace! Be still! We are called to head off to the next “other side”.

As if this is not enough for the moment, two additional thoughts. Fear and faith are parable related. To learn to see and hear parables wherever you are lessens fear and increases faith. To not so learn is to stay stuck. We might then translate “faith” as an ability to hear and see parables wherever one is.

And, finally, what happened to those other boats?

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