Friday, December 18, 2009

Luke 1:39-55

Advent 4 - Year C

Luke 1:39-55

[I have recently been trying to organize seven years plus of comments. Yes, it is like trying to herd cats. In the absence of another inspiration, here is a reprised and editied note from 2003.]

- - -

What boldness! My soul, yes, my soul, magnifies the Lord.

Oh, I know this is supposed to be about G*D, but can you begin to imagine the difference it would make if your very life was seen by you as clarifying the presence of G*D. This is the life of Jesus, he showed us a close-up view of G*D. It wasn't about Jesus, but his showing G*D, magnifying G*D, revealing G*D already present, even if beyond the current eyes of our work-a-day world.

This is Mary work, this is Jesus work, this is your work and my work.

When we magnify G*D for those in power, they finally catch on that they are not as big as they thought they were. When we magnify G*D for those out of power, they finally catch on that they are of much more worth than they thought they were.

Consider for a few seconds, what does it mean to magnify G*D? Have you seen that as your job description. How would it be for the church to simply imitate Jesus' self-avowed task to help us see G*D much closer than we had thought possible, to magnify G*D?

Let us join Elizabeth, Mary, John, and Jesus in magnifying G*D so all can see, so all can repent of their supposed grandness or their ill-conceived notion of worthlessness, so all might experience the largesse of mercy, finally, mercy.

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