Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Tipping Point

In the midst of the busy of a season that can drive anyone coo-coo, comes this poem near the end of the author's life and yet still looking to participate in a next birthing. May you take a breath and remember to be present where you are.

- - -

The Tipping Point

Pray I say
Inside your heart work hard
Send light send love where it is needed

You be the loving presence
On the job at home
Right here right now

We are so small against this quaking earth
Prayer does not guarantee our safety or theirs
Prayer guarantees only that we are connected

Not alone but related most truly to over there
Where they prepare for God knows what and right here
Where the unthinkable just might happen to

Us or someone dear I need your prayer
To hold me as I choose to hold you and yours and
Them over there and the planet entire in my heart

I think somewhere in the mind of God there may be
A line marking enough prayers enough right doing and
Who knows but that we might be almost there so pray

I need your prayers and mine to help me see
What of love needs doing here and now
And I have great hope that if we truly pray and do

The weight of all our loving might finally bring our world
To that sought for tipping point which lets us roll at last
Toward peace on earth.

(This poem was written by Rosemary Ix Morgan of Amherst, Massachusetts, a friend of a colleague. She is dying and has entered hospice.)

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