Monday, January 04, 2010

Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

Epiphany 1 - Year C

Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

So often we look at Scripture through the lens of individual heroes. Today look at the People as a collective hero. Revelations come not just through John about what it is not, but also through the People about their state of being.

Behold, more people than expected, including Jesus, came out to Brother John. This is not just a draw from John, but a push from their expectations, their hope, their need, their desire, their wonder.

In some sense it is the expectancy of the people at work here and John is but one of their focal points as they search out evidence for their hope still dwelling below the surface.

The missing verses show us Wilderness John imprisoned. The people have been imprisoned. The people ask, "Are you the one we expect?" Later John will ask that same question, "Are you the one we expect?"

Even today the question is being asked of you and me, "Are you the expected one?" Well, it is time to respond. Are you the best shoe tier where you are - recognizing who needs your support and giving them more time, energy, and resources than is practical? Claim it and support. Are you the best one around to lead those with the same passion as yourself? Claim it and lead.

Who you are not is important, but it leads to other questions about how you will live, not how you won't live. Remember it is important to be among people with expectations, that's where Jesus surfaces from in this telling. In the midst of simply doing what expectant people do, Jesus receives his recognition about himself and off he will set. In the midst of simply doing what expectant people do, may you receive your next vocational recognition.

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