Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Psalm 19

Epiphany 3 - Year C

Psalm 19

Day says, "Let there be . . . ."
Night wisdom reveals, "And it is good."
Yet evening and morning are not heeded.
The on-goingness of creation carries no weight.
Likewise with laws and revelations, whether G*D's or not
they carry no weight.
Even warned, errors occur and are unrecognized.
So, how do I weigh my own words and heart?
Self-proclaimed as weighty (reprise Sen. Brown's "victory" speech)
and so weightless.
Weightless enough to be blameless and innocent
(not the highest of virtues in an incarnate world).
Now that we know enough to not take ourselves seriously
we can return to the top
to join day and night in
heightened expectation and expansive goodness.

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