Friday, March 19, 2010


Lent 5 - Year C

This is the 1,000th post on this blog. Quite a milestone for a distractible sprinter.

In the midst of an internal celebration it is helpful to both remember and forget. Let's remember Lazarus. He had a wonderful 2nd chance and was plotted against that he wouldn't have a 3rd try. Whether 2nd or 1,000th it is important to simply be faithful in the moment. No number of iterations is holy.

We remember that new things are always breaking in upon us and to fall back on past accomplishments would bring no added value, no matter how many more opportunities come around. There is a need to not coast off this high-value moment or a high school sports award. This, too, will pass away in its usefulness to respond to new occasions.

We remember to be thankful for the 42nd posting and the 666th posting. Each and every posting was critical to arriving at a next and a next and a 1,000th next.

And so, remembering to forget what lies behind and trusting another week will arrive for your poster boy, it is time to simply reach ahead to a preferred future already knocking on the door and to respond to a beckoning onward.

May you find your own equivalent of a 1,000th posting and rejoice for seeds planted a long while ago coming to fruition and for a next opportunity to go further than can now be imagined.

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