Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Acts 10:34-43

Easter - Year C

Acts 10:34-43

"G*D shows no partiality."
"G*D preaches peace/wholeness through people like Jesus Christ."
"That message spread."

"We are witnesses of peace/wholeness in Jesus Christ."
"We preach peace/wholeness/forgiveness."

Note that the living of peace/wholeness/forgiveness (preaching) of Jesus is picked up and carried on by others, down to this day. An amazing part of Easter is not just the preaching of Jesus qua Jesus, but how that has been continued through your life and mine. As we live peace/wholeness/forgiveness, we join a line of prophets, including Jesus (remember impartiality), who bring a word of correction to a crooked world - not of condemnation, but transformation.

G*D lives/preaches impartial peace/wholeness.
Jesus lives/preaches impartial peace/wholeness.
You and I live/preach impartial peace/wholeness.
Others live/preach impartial peace/wholeness.

Keep at it - it is completable.

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