Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Psalm 30

Pentecost +6 - Year C

Psalm 30

While appreciating the possible transformation of weeping into joy, that is not the only way people experience life. Post-traumatic Stresses, of whatever etiology, have a way of continuing the weeping, even in the presence of Joy-All-Around. Anyone know of a Psalm/Poem for those who suffer a Post-traumatic response, even to joy?

Here are some attempts:

The most popular on through a Google search is Survivor Psalm. It doesn't seem to have the same turn of thanks at the end.

Psalm 30 - A Cycle of Renewal is interesting for its strong body imagery, particularly of the liver expelling that which is no longer useful.

P.T.S.D. Love Poem has some annotations that are important. I was struck by this line: "I see in you the answer/To every time I've prayed." It can do an important bounce back-and-forth between stress and response, one person to another, and G*D/Human relationship. Hear each aspect say that line.

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