Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Psalm 42

Pentecost +4 - Year C

Psalm 42

"Where is your G*D?"

Let us offer a word of Thanks to our "enemy" who, in one way or another, raises this basic question. However it comes, we are blessed through a focus on an important question that we resist asking ourselves.

Here G*D is closely allied and associated with Hope and experienced through a steadfastness of a "love song" that touches deep places beyond any of our usual markers - beyond hope, beyond faith, beyond love. There is a yearning here that will not be satisfied with any of our usual measures - hope is not enough, faith is not enough, love is not enough.

This is a Jewish koan, "Where is your G*D?" No response is sufficient. Every response leads deeper. Some responses are more enlightening than others, but none are wide enough to hold for all time. This is instructive, if given an opportunity to sink deep within. This existential question balances an Edenic question from G*D, "Where are you?"

So we seek each other, we bump into each other, face-to-face and back-to-back, calling to each other, "Beloved, where are you; come out and play."

Finally, an openness to this question leads us toward becoming G*D, doing greater things. It resets our compass that has gotten confused with secondary priorities. Thankfully, if we have stopped asking the question of ourself, our favorite enemy raises it in ways we cannot avoid. It leads G*D toward us, doing humbler things. It reveals, within every everyday day, another facet of rainbows and empty tombs.

So, where is your G*D and what is keeping you from moving in that direction?

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