Monday, April 18, 2011

John 12:1-11

Lent - Last Week - Monday - Year A

John 12:1-11

Thieves of the common purse abound. An appeal made to care for the poor turns out to be a cover to rob them. Sound familiar?

Note that Monday is a day of Jesus' burial, this is the anointing of his dead body with lots and lots of nard.

Note that the earthy odor of nard might also be an enhancement of a woman's estrus pheromone or lover's scent (ref. Song of Songs) - and so the wrong Mary may have been speculated about regarding Jesus' and the "little death".

Note that plots were also made against Lazarus. Whether you feel youself more closely related to Jesus (beloved of G*D) or to Lazarus (given a new opportunity) — it is time to get on with being who you are - time is short and the "relief, delight, triumph" to great to miss. [Note: you may want a shirt with a reminder about this.]

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