Tuesday, April 19, 2011

John 12:20-36

Lent - Last Week - Tuesday - Year A

John 12:20-36

Don't try to diagram this passage. Everything, plus the kitchen sink, has been tossed in.

Of all the various ways of coming at this passage begun with inquisitive Greeks/Gentiles, I'll look at the back and forth between Jesus and whatever he meant by Father.

To the disciples/crowd/Greeks/Gentiles, Jesus asks, "What should I say about this moment? Father, beam me up?"

To this Father, Jesus says, "Glorify your name."

To Jesus, this Father responds, "I have glorified it and I'll glorify it some more."

To the disciples/crowd/Greeks/Gentiles, Jesus says, "Whether you simply heard thunder or a finer Angel, glory is going to become glory squared."

Return with us now to the days of yesteryear when thunder was heard to say, "Beloved" instead of "Glory". We are moving into another time of temptation. If you are a Nikos Kazantzakis fan you will know he called it a Last Temptation. Instead of 40 days there are but 4 - Today, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Hold on to your belovedness, it will be all that is left to aid you to continue sending blessings in the midst of those so sure of their ability and right to throw both a first and next stone.

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