Thursday, April 28, 2011

1 Peter 1:3-9

Easter 2 - Year A

1 Peter 1:3-9

Blessed be G*D and your Intimacy with Creation. A mercy you participate in is the hope engendered by being resurrected from a previous limitation. This connects with a larger, web, that connects us with all parts of time and space and energy. As a part of such a web and benefactor from its support, we bounce higher and see farther into an available wholeness of life.

Consciously being part of one or more interdependencies is cause for rejoicing, as well as weeping, and attests to the genuineness of relationships as basic as other physics of time, space, and energy. Test it where you will, the results continue to reveal an interpenetration of self and other. Rejoice in the connections, unseen and yet present, wherein we grin all over ourselves in the wholeness of life.

All of this is periodically focused on revealers of connections heretofore unseen. Standing at an oblique angle (you’ve heard it said . . . , - but look!) allows a deeper look and the holistic outcome of the revealers of the world beckons each of us to become a next revealer of connections and participator in healing at least our part of the larger web of life. Called by the name Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, (your name here), or one we have yet to hear of, we look forward to seeing where a whole web of life might yet travel.

How much tinkering did you have to do to this passage to have it be something other than an external creed of long ago yearning for new life through the corrective lens of today? Or was it just fine the way it has come down to us?

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