Monday, May 02, 2011

Luke 24:13-35

Easter 3 - Year A

Luke 24:13-35

A conversational gait is 3 miles per hour. A seven mile hike, let’s say 2 and a half hours. If they were dragging grief along, perhaps 3 hours.

It is reported that somewhere in that three hours Jesus caught up with them. Was he returning from Emmaus or catching up from Jerusalem or coming at a tangent? This could turn into one of those famous word problems, if a train left Station A at . . . .

For the moment presume that Jesus was resurrection accelerated and caught up to the grief laden from Jerusalem. With sad faces, closed ears, and teary eyes they were pretty well encapsulated. Jesus might have had to go over the heritage from Moses and other prophets several times to have gotten through to weary travellers. All in all Jesus might have had an elevator ride’s amount of total messaging time. How might you tell the story of your own prophetic journey in a convincing and condensed amount of time? What would the clincher be?

Regardless of how well-told or concise you were with those who would be sympathetic to what you had to say or how much time you had to convert an enemy, it would still probably come down to a symbol or an action that would make the difference.

In this Eastertide, may you pick up a lesson from your Lenten Discipline and put down some accumulated habit in order to find one compelling action that best reveals your G*D oriented living. Odds are that folks will better respond to that than to a 300 page memoir. What blessing might you give that would awaken folks to new life possibilities for themselves?

Don’t just wonder what Jesus would do - do what you are called to.

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