Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Acts 2:42-47

Easter 4 - Year A

Acts 2:42-47

It is so easy to translate “the apostle’s teaching” into the “Apostles’ Creed” and avoid the life that was being taught - Jesus’ wider ministry of revealing the Presence and Freedom of G*D. To so engage the world in Jesus’ Way takes a good bit of solidarity that comes from a comradeship or fellowship or common-cause with others who will encourage us to faithful action and pick up additional actions when we falter.

The other pairing of bread and prayer can likewise be seen as fellowship (bread) and action (prayer). Should prayer ever become as language bound as creeds are, it will in that moment lose its power of transformation (Easter-ing).

Whether finding the synergy between teaching and fellowship or prayer and bread, we are at an important decision-making point of engaging and growing into G*D through the loosening of our entitlement to possession (whether of money or breath). This example of finding the Presence and Freedom of G*D to be available, as evidenced by Jesus, and for us to abundantly distribute life’s core values in the face of whatever the economic determinism of the day might be, will be long-term attractive to others and transformational for all.

In this day and age, when we can get so angst-driven about numbers and dollars, it is good to remember that significant and emblematic growth occurs through witnessing to the Presence and Freedom of G*D — by having presence and freedom to reorient from restrictive Mammon to expansive Love.

Want to see peace? Be peace!
Want to see growth? Grow!
Want to follow the Apostle’s teachings about Jesus? Fellowship!
Want to fellowship well? Act on the teachings!
Want to feast? Pray through action!
Want to know what and how to pray? Feast together!

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