Friday, May 06, 2011

so go on

Easter 3 - Year A

gotta love those travelers
on their way to Emmaus
so discouraged
so grief wrapt
so isolated

they knew what they knew
to the exclusion of all else
so head empty
so heart full
so dualistic

and along comes the unrecognized
a Christ in surprising guise
so expectant
so insulting
so traditional

at best they were distracted
at worst entertained
so far away
so closed
so hungry

even an eternal-oriented Christ
knocks the dust off and moves on
so much to do
so prophetic
so opportunistic

just when we want more palaver
anything to cover our loneliness
so comforting
so directive
so so-so

old prophecy no longer cuts it
new creeds are much beside the point
so feast
so bless
so go on

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