Monday, May 23, 2011

John 14:15-21

Easter 6 - Year A

John 14:15-21

So what are Jesus’ “commands”?

Here are the basics and they all relate to love (G*D’s nature and name - according to Charles Wesley).

Love G*D!
Love Neighbor!
Love Self!
Love Enemies!
Love One Another!

Look at the interpenetration of these. On the day you know them, you will know you’re in the swirl of love beyond definition - I’m in G*D, I’m in you, G*D and you are in me. Those I love will be loved by others; the others I love will be loved by you.

These loves are what abide. Bless them by opening your abode to be their abiding place.

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  1. And do NOT put up with Bullsh*t Money Changers, demons or any other form of intolerance!



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