Friday, May 13, 2011


Easter 4 - Year A

been threatened?
looked up to find a dark valley?
suffered unjustly?

yearned to be a simple sheep?
looking for a bread-crumb trail?
praying for a way through no-way?
needing a sip of refreshment?

and so say we all
caught between then and now
and now and when
look again - look again

knowing release is more
than gatekeeping rules
we enter another womb
of sharpened choices

sheepfolds are not safe for the soul
a new abundance is needed
for which we do climb over walls
in every direction

plenteous tables are set
free to be shared
with enemy and friend alike
had we vision and courage

selling our birthright
claiming goodness and mercy

peace and joy abound
take plenty and
more to pass around
may it be so

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