Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Psalms 66:8-20

Easter 6 - Year A

Psalms 66:8-20

Blessed be [G*D], because he (sic) has not rejected my [our] prayer or removed his (sic) steadfast love from me [us]. ~Psalm 66:20

Whether a personal or communal prayer, it is that word “because” that sticks in the craw. I got the “love” I bargained for for myself or ourselves, but it remains eternally suspect and fragile. It continues to need positive results. For in another moment we may be cursing G*D when we find ourselves not rescued on our terms.

Escape from Egypt and Wilderness, Wildfires in Alberta, recent record floods of the Assiniboine and Mississippi rivers, and winds throughout the American midwest all bring forth individual foxhole prayers and blessings.

How will G*D continue to prove to be a G*D worth blessing? By continuing to show how exceptional we are - we can let a roulette wheel ride on red for 47 continuous turns and we win each time. Odds be damned. Realistic projection be damned.

Is it “hooray” for thick times and “boo” for the thin? Doesn’t this make G*D captive or me entitled? Might this be the flip-side of “If you love me, says Jesus, you will keep my commands”? Now, how do we step outside this house of religion built on so many conditions? It is as though Easter has been commodified. Only six weeks out from the astounding, dumbfoundingness, of “empty” and we are trying to stuff ourselves with the empty calories of privilege.

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