Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Exodus 16:2-15

Pentecost + 14 - Year A

Exodus 16:2-15

The Israelites saw themselves as “first hired”. Hadn’t they miraculously escaped from the powerful Pharaoh? Why then are they having such a difficult time? Isn’t there a perk for their exalted position?

Turns out there is only one perk - recognizing there is no perk, only common care for the whole body. Paying attention to the sufficiency available is a leg up on the usual survival issues of the moment.

Of course we could always attribute manna to the loudness of the complainant rather than the generosity of respondant. That approach usually peters out fairly quickly and we are left with another learning experience regarding abundance and assurance, two key issues for us to get our minds and hearts around.

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