Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Psalm 19

Pentecost + 16 - Year A

Psalm 19

A voice unheard goes through the universe. How wonderful and frustrating. The mystery of this is overwhelming and the lack of clarity a stumbling block of the first water.

As one with not so hidden errors, I still yearn for my meandering meditations to be reflective of that unheard voice. I still desire that my words would be in sync with the growth going on in moving from a glimpse of glory to more glory than glory can hold and it collapses from an external category into regular day-to-day life.

Eugene Peterson talks about “life-maps of G*D” and we all need to spend some time in imitating this by seeing what our current life-map looks like and where dragons are lurking on a raw edge beckoning us into new adventure. There are many models of life-maps from the rigid fundamentalistic to the overly open-ended idealistic. May we be blessed with greater clarity.

If you are interested in a map that does not pretend to be the territory it maps, you might try integral mapping. There are variations on this and you might also consider working with my friend Tom at

The Psalmist suggests you can find a larger map than you have been working from. Blessings on moving on.

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