Thursday, September 01, 2011

Romans 13:8-14

Pentecost + 12 - Year A

Romans 13:8-14

Theory: Love does no wrong to a neighbor.

Reality: Members of the church sin against one another.

What's a Christ to do?

Better yet, what are you going to do? Paul suggests living honorably.

How's the day gone so far? Been honorable, regardless?

How's the rest of the day look? Is honorable action still an option?

Just as being untruthful means more work for us as we try to keep all the little pieces of untruth in order, not being honorable ultimately means more work. May you lay the burden of not being honorable down.

Perhaps working on a common definition of honor would get us out of some of our usual binds. Honor is not the whole response needed to life's perplexing options, but it is a good start. Too much honor gets into honor killings, but honor is still a good start. You might want to make up a little card and look at it hourly for the next week. One version of the card might read, "Being honorable is the easy way, is my way."

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