Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Genesis 9:8-17

First a marker - this is the 1,500th posting here. If you are interested in giving input into an attempt to turn these comments into book form, drop a line to wwhite@wesleyspace.net and I'll send a sample of what is being thought about for you to critique. Now on to today's posting.

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Lent 1 - Year B

Genesis 9:8-17

Hooray for light - a sign of connection with dark and all creation.

Hooray for rainbows - signs of light under particular conditions. In the midst of some storms we are connected with the storm and all through a rainbow sign. Other storms, without a visible rainbow, bring forest fires and tornadoes that raise questions about a distinction between destroying all flesh and the destruction of particular flesh.

Hooray for no light or otherwise mediated light - a sign present in no sign.

A sign of ashes or rainbows will at some time come up short. Will a promised fire next time also come up short? We either have an understanding of being a part of all that is, or we don’t. This goes beyond a sign or any other attempt at proof.

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