Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Psalm 30

Epiphany 6 - Year B

Psalm 30

There is no keeping a joy from bubbling over the limits of propriety. One way or another; one time or another; one setting or another will find its expression lighting the way for another joy to be expressed.

Joy calls to joy across every deep chaotic place, binding otherwise disparate persons and situations together.

Our one warning is not to turn a joy into a bargaining chip, it simply is. When mourning finds its dance, it is a Zorba dance that blocks out all other realities for a time. Joy can’t be invested, only well used. And well-used joy goes on and on, always paying forward.

So what healing, differentiated from curing, is bubbling in your life today? May you engage it today and not put it off until it can but burst out. Quiet, consistent bubbling is a good way to interact with equally present difficulties.

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