Monday, February 27, 2012

Mark 8:27-38

Lent 2 - Year B

Mark 8:27-38

We have multiple identities, depending on who or what we are relating with. Sometimes we might be even further subdivided into where we are interacting or when or why. If folks were to ask about you, there are a number of responses available regarding who you are by those who know you well.

Hopefully, behind all these ephemeral presentations of yourself, there is a sense of being Anointed, Gifted, Blessed - being Messiah. Some will see that, many will not. Sometimes we see it clearer, and sometimes not.

Basically being messiah is an understanding from which we might interact with the world, whether they understand that as our motivation or not.

Part of the reason for the “secrecy” is not some fancy Marcan messianic secret, but simple humility. To claim messiahship has a tendency to claim privilege and to reject any suffering along the way. Without knowing the difference between hope and fear we get confused and fall into the trap of the Confuser to over-focus on short-term survival.

If any would care to be fellow-travelling Messiahs, they, too, will have to be humble enough to live in the moment as though it were eternity and be willing to lose their privilege for the gift of living congruently, unashamed.

Who do I say you are, Messiah, Anointed, Gifted, Blessed - get on with it without making a fuss about being so.

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