Sunday, April 22, 2012

1 John 3:1-7

Easter 3 - Year B

See what G*D has offered through creation—partnership. This is what we are: Partners.

When we are not known, G*D is not known. When G*D’s expansive and expanding love is not known, we are not known.

How the hiddenness of life will be revealed is still a mystery. When we have glimpses of healthy life we see how we are partnered with one another, G*D, and all of creation. This is the essence of hope—that life will be revealed.

This is a good place to leave things without having to go on to talk of sin, guilt, and lawlessness. Each of these hide our basic partnership. Our work is not to pile on reasons why we can’t participate in revolutionary revelation. Don’t let anyone fool you into these judgments that only spiral downward. Note, rather, what is harmful and don’t do it; what is helpful and do it. In this is our partnership with all and our health.

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