Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Acts 4:5-12

Easter 4 - Year B

Acts 4:5-12

High-priests of every time have the power to make suspects stand in their midst to be grilled. “Explain yourselves,” they demand, “why aren’t you like us?”

 Here at General Conference the same dynamic has been going on for 40 years. Suspects are still standing in the midst of the currently orthodox. “Explain yourselves,” is still being demanded. “Prove that you are of G*D, for in our scriptures you are an abomination, heretical.” Then it was Peter and John who were suspect; today it is the descenants of Peter and John who suspect anyone associated with the GLBT community.

Ah, what power does to confuse us and to forget formative experiences. Would that those who have the power, the votes, had the good sense to accept the mystery of G*D-at-work. Then it was a most unexpected healing of an individual. Now it is a very expected variation in human sexuality.

In both cases the hierarchy (including the swaying middle) has set its limit of accessibility. It has defined G*D so narrowly that they cannot but be set into a tizzy if healing or acceptability is extended further than is profitable. Institutional survival takes precedence of all else.

Imagine, if you will, an investigation into reality instead of an escape into blame. How would that have looked like then? And now?

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