Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Acts 10:34-43

Easter - Year B

Acts 10:34-43

G*D shows no partiality except for those who fear G*D. From this comes a G*D of the parking place - Praise Jesus, I won’t be walking far today, all is going my way.

Peter doesn’t even have to finish his sermon before folks responded by wanting such partiality to descend upon them. How do you respond to the opportunity to have the largesse of G*D be available to you? No, don’t consider any responsibility, just the privilege.

Easter is a confirmation that you are on the right side, chosen by G*D, and will be blessed with continuation after death. Step right up and drink the kool-aid.

I guess you had to be there. From this distance it is difficult to see how this speech was conversional. Perhaps it had to do with a certain readiness as just before this folks were already kneeling and bowing before Peter. Would that preachers had a Readiness-ometer and would know how to listen to it.

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