Monday, June 11, 2012

Mark 4:26-34

Pentecost +3 - Year B

Enlightened “dominion” requires information. We do have much data about seeds these days. In fact we know so much that we are constructing new crops and it is next to impossible to get some heirloom seeds. 

Our “knowing” doesn’t automatically come with “understanding”. There are periodic difficulties with the new manufactured seeds. While resistant to some traditional pests our monoculturing set us up for that next or unknown-until-now pest that can wipe out a whole uniformized crop.

We run into the same dynamic with institutional growth that we do with plant growth. Adjusting the mystery of diversity to achieve an enhanced emphasis on church growth raises questions about churches and mustard plants. Is the only way to go a manufactured mono-cultured, mono-doctrianal church?

Participatory “dominion” does appreciate the mystery involved in there being anything, much less a reasonable rotation and scheduled fallow time. The fruit of a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil needs a little wine and cheese to mellow such a duality into understanding.

What parable would you use these days regarding the Freedom of G*D (and thus of ourselves)? Might it have to do with more conscious choice? Choices that appreciate mystery as well as information?

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