Monday, June 25, 2012

Mark 5:21-43

Pentecost +5 - Year B

Stressful situations bring out different aspects of a person. In theory Jairus wouldn’t ordinarily give Jesus the time of day. But the nearness of his daughter’s death (do note it was a daughter) begins to have Jairus becoming aware (name derivation) and shifting from issues of uncleanness/sin/illness/death and Jerusalem to this popular healer but questionable person. (Do compare with Matthew 9:18 so you can decide whether to stick with this story or expand it.)

On the way an unnamed woman (do at least note it was a woman) foreshadows a daughter’s healing. For those interested in such things, her name has traditionally been remembered as either Bernice or Veronica

In both cases there is a forthrightness of approach: prostrating and touching.

Jesus is just as forthright with Jairus as he heard the news of his daughter’s death, “You trusted, keep at it.”

So Jesus and his triumvirate enter and used common street language (would that church prayers could be as simple), “Little girl, get up”. [Note: If significance is made of Jairus’ name, why not his daughter Talitha in the line of Jezreel or Lo-Ruhamah.] Mark has another “immediately” and this “unnamed” girl rises and eats. When we get to resurrection time, may we see it as plainly as this is described without going nuts with blind belief or disbelief.

For now, the pattern of Jesus’ words may suffice:
do not fear - trust!
why this commotion?
get up
let it be (implied)
let’s feast (implied)

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