Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Psalm 9:9-20

Pentecost +4 - Year B

If we were to take the “poor me” approach out of this psalm we would still be left with the perennial problem of classes. The class of power (oppressor) versus the class of the powerless (oppressed); the class of the fortunate (holy) versus the class of the sick or unfortunate (sinner); the class of the “caring for” versus the class of the “cared for”.

We might look to verse 18 as a key verse - “The needy shall not always be forgotten, ignored, or taken advantage of.” At some point the disjuncture between their hope and their reality will become clear enough that they will stand up for one another. Then structures that have seemed so safe, a teaching boat, will become threatened, a storm-tossed barque.

“Everyone with enough earthly possessions must seriously ask if they are not responsible, to some degree and in some way, for injustices and oppressions. We know, from the book of Exodus, that G*D’s judgment can fall over the oppressors in a tremendous way. We also know that authentic love, the source of justice, can change the face of the earth.” [modified comment from The Christian Community Bible.]

Rise up, O Lord! Throw off chains of captivity to the power of social norms sanctioned by the powerful. You have nothing to lose, period. You have everything to gain, period.

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