Friday, May 31, 2013

Galatians 1:1-12

Pentecost +2 - Year C

Galatians 1:1-12

What is a source of good news for you? Is it what you received from parents, family, society, mentor? What is the role of listening to the music of the spheres when there is so much cacophony from on all the various projections placed on to you? Are we locked into whatever translation of a mystical experience someone else had? What about our own?

This tension between self and culture or future and tradition has been resolved quite differently over time. Sometimes extremely in favor of the individual and sometimes at the other extreme of community. By this time we are hopefully better able to claim an interrelationship between what it is that we have experienced and what a tradition has passed on to us. The interplay is one venue of life.

Because Paul came up with phrasing his experience in terms of Jesus giving himself up, are we limited to that or might we hear other voices talking about Jesus coming to himself and claiming his belovedness, no matter what the consequences might be? Is he or is he not a forerunner in claiming salvation wholeness regardless of how folks would call down damnation against him (it does devolve from our image of heaven, does it not?).

Blessings to you who can see beyond your dependence and limited expression of a larger experience. May you find yourself alongside Jesus and so many others, rather than under them. Head up. Look around. You are welcome to be you and to enjoy the your gifts as well as those of others.

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