Monday, May 06, 2013

John 17:20-26

Easter 7 - Year C 

Here is a major division point, like unto a glass half full/empty.

Do we act in relation to those now present? Do we act in relation to those beyond our present limits?

Ideally we could say, “Both”. However, we usually find ourselves constrained by the limits of others or reap the consequence of their limits as we reach beyond. It takes a fair amount of energy to be able to honor those with smaller limits while urging larger ones.

This issue of oneness often gets derailed by the those not yet ready for the consequence of losing the little they have when others are deeply considered. If you need another example of smaller limits doing their utmost to control everyone else — read about how there will be yet one more trial in United Methodism over the false teaching that “homosexuality” is incompatible with Christian teaching.

You may want to meditate on this image as you steadily stand for a human connection with G*D.

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