Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Acts 16:9-15

Easter 6 - Year C 

A call for help is helped by dreams. Awake the world is too much with us, night and noon, and our habits cut to a whisper any call to risk what we have and who we have come to know ourselves to be.

In a dream a call is just a call. It stands on its own. Oh, we can still dismiss it simply by not recognizing dreams, but a dream call cuts across our usual defenses.

What we don’t know is whether previous dreams had set Paul up for this one, if this was simply the call that finally got through. Whether unique or a series of dreams, appreciate the delicious bait and switch of an anonymous man calling Paul and a the result of his visit recruiting a very certain woman—Lydia.

We get so caught up in habits that we can’t hear need, our own or others. When something does make it through we usually expect it to go the way we first heard it or our fantasy about the great work we will do. These traps don’t let reality build on the dream seed.

Dreams can’t be trusted, but that is not what dreams are for. Rejoice, your dreams are simply freeing you to live where you would never have thought life possible—they are stimuli to resurrection (yours and others). In your own backyard or half-way around the world—listen to a dream that calls you to garden or to go and be present in Saudi Arabia. To show up in Macedonia is no more or less marvelous than disappearing into a grave or appearing in a locked room or following your dream.

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