Monday, April 22, 2013

John 13:31-35

Easter 5 - Year C 

Clarity is generally a good thing. Conversion, forgiveness, and repentance, however, are not predictable. No matter how clear decisions appear to be. There needs to be room left for Judas to have a change of heart. Who knows what encounter he will have between leaving Jesus’ crew and arriving in a house of power to betray Jesus. Bet against new insight at your own peril.

I do wish it wasn’t reported that Jesus had/shared his “new” insight after Judas left. Having Judas among those who are to love one another would add a whole new dimension to this revelation. There is long history of disciples not entirely accurately representing their teacher in their dealing with their teacher, neighbors, or one another. If love doesn't incorporate differences, is it love?

Want to know you are dealing with Jesus’ disciples, see how they love their sisters and brothers with whom they have profound differences. Anything less than this is a fairytale that they live happily ever after without difficulties.

Does Judas fit within “love one another”? Or is “love your enemies” the only rubric left for Judas?

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