Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Acts 11:1-18

Easter 5 - Year C 

With Judas gone and a new teaching to “Love one another” that will define followers of Jesus, that very inclusive new way became very exclusive. This command became the standard for the other teachings of where love is to be evident—Love G*D, Neighb*r, S*lf, En*mies.

A cult of community re-established itself. As a result Peter is questioned: “How dare you engage those who are not us? Explain yourself!”

Group self-preservation is a powerful thing. Peer pressure can get people to deny what they know to be true in any other setting. Religious groups are always in great danger of identifying what they do as “G*D’s will” and staying with that long past any time when it may have been applicable.

To break the enthrallment a really good story by an in-group person is needed. This is the value of allies of any outside group. Obviously such stories are not always heard. How long have allies of LGBT people been at it and still “marriage” is only on the horizon? How long will allies of controlling gun-violence need to tell stories? How long will allies of the environment need to speak before being heard over the monied lobbyists of profit-seeking, non-human corporations?

In this case Peter’s vision reconnected a divided universal love ethic in such a way as to elicit conversion. This was evidenced in his questioners moving from implied accusation to silence to thanksgiving. Tell your truth one more time.

Here is a continued telling of a larger vision by Sandra Steingraber. What say you to this larger vision? How would you reconnect a divided creation?

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