Thursday, April 25, 2013

Psalm 148

Easter 5 - Year C 

The mysterious “us” and “our image” from Genesis 1:26 is called to honor one who acted.

Subsequent or contemporaneous angels are called to attention as an honor guard.

All the various fiddly bits bring their own honor through being what they are.

Yes, even the monsters and storms offer their honor by being who they are created to be.

Those in power and those out of power are ultimately going to have to serve someone and honor that which beyond themselves.

The next time you are called to praise something, try honor instead and see if that brings a better taste to your mouth. Find the necessary action and join in. Honor is due those who participate, regardless of the outcome.

Honor, instead of praise, opens us to relationship, transformation, and new insight. Praise, instead of honor, separates life from life, wears thin, and traps us in the past—praise for the future just doesn’t substitute for hope for the unseen.

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