Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Acts 9:1-6, (7-21)

Easter 3 - Year C 

Who are you?
Where are you?
What are you?
When? How?

I can hear you but not see you. This is darkness.

I can still hear you and now see you in those I persecute. This is light.

From Brian McLaren’s book, “Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices” 
If you’ve lost your way to the desired destination, you’re in shallow trouble. But if in the process you’ve also lost the address you were supposed to visit, your trouble just got deep. If you don’t realize you’ve forgotten what your desired destination is, you’re in the bottomless pit the great Dane Soren Kierkegaard called the deepest level of despair—namely, to be in a hopeless situation but not realize it or feel bad about it.
A common destination is too often particularized. Individuals and homogenous groups have claimed exemption from having to rethink their understanding. It is everyone else who needs to come around. “If they don’t get my vision, ‘Off with their head!’”

May we continue to hear our name called and respond with behavior becoming a beloved.

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