Monday, April 29, 2013

John 14:23-29

Easter 6 - Year C 

Those who love me will be connected with me. Those whom I love (G*D/Neighb*r/Y’all/“Them”) I connect with. In all of this we hear more than words. We see more than hope delayed. We sense a Presence that aids our connection and we find ourselves at rest with one another, even in the midst of a next death and on-going sifting and winnowing of what we test and find real.

This Presence is all too easy to call Holy. When doing so we mask death and connection and are able to hide a fear-starter next within our sourdough. We hear of and desire peace, all the while still fearful.

If we were at peace, goings and comings would be a source of rejoicing. If we rejoiced in a larger view, peace would be right there. These polarities wind back and forth between one another—rejoice/peace/rejoice/peace.... Or, since we know not of chickens and eggs—peace/rejoice/peace/rejoice....

This we know before we know it. It is deeply remembered even if deeply buried. Come let us remember together that we might live forward.

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