Thursday, April 04, 2013

Revelation 1:4-8

Easter 2 - Year C 

Twice we hear the refrain: “Is...Was...To Come”. This Trinity is a source of grace and peace.

Being able to play with these elements brings forth helpful questions.
  • Is this order of significance to you: Is —> Was —> To Come ?
  • Some folks seem to prefer: Was, period or Was —> Is.
  • Some folks modify this projection into: Is —> To Come.
  • Utopians may move from: To Come —> Is.

You get the idea. 
  • What is your starting point for evaluating a next important decision spot?
  • Has G*D said all that is necessary and now is just judging folks on that basis?
  • Is G*D waiting for some next propitious moments to enter into dialogue?
  • Is this moment more a continuation of the past or prelude to the future?
  • Does this moment have a life of its own regardless of where life has been or might go?

A similar sliding scale can be devised for the Alpha to Omega, A-Z, imagery. Are you more starting out or winding down? And the culture you identify with?

All too often the Book of Revelation is read as “To Come” when it is more helpfully read as “Is”. Blessings on playing with a Trinity of Time available to you this day.

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