Thursday, May 23, 2013

Romans 5:1-5

Pentecost +1 - Year C

Romans 5:1-5

Character, coming to know who we are, is a doorway to hope. This hope frees us from the usual constraints that would keep us from turning tomorrow into today. At its best, suffering strips away the patina of the past to reveal that it is no place to stop for long. This long-armed past snakes its tentacles into the present and claims that what now is is the culmination of all that has been and is just fine the way it is. The suffering caused by this limitation finally acts as a refiner's fire and we can see that its power is nothing as compared to following Prometheus and capturing tomorrow's gift for present purposes. A liver versus fire, now hope can be more clearly seen, character revealed.

Whether in a broad and pleasant place or having lost all in a tornado — character shines through; hope does not disappoint; love remains possible. There is no qualifier for these, no "let us". There is only a deep and abiding peace when we honor the past by leaving it behind in anticipation of "the best is yet to come".

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